Charles King

Charles King is a longtime contributor to eWEEK and founder and principal analyst at PUND-IT. He covers a wide range of IT topics, including large enterprise systems, processors, servers, cloud services and others. Mr. King is considered one of the top 10 IT analysts in the world by Apollo Research, which quantified the listing of 3,960 analysts globally by their individual press coverage metrics (number of mentions and length of responses in the press).

Modernizing the Mainframe—IBM Introduces Watsonx Code Assistant for Z

IBM has introduced watsonx Code Assistant for Z, an AI-powered tool for mainframe modernization, offering developers insight into how code will work.

IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator: Enabling Environmental Goals

With much of the U.S. and many other parts of the world suffering record temperatures and other extreme weather events, it's worth considering efforts that companies are making to...

Dell’s 2023 ESG Report: Evolving Corporate Culture

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs are anything but one-size-fits-all endeavors. Instead, most organizations work closely with stakeholders to ensure that programs align with their needs, carefully considering how...

IBM Acquires Apptio: Reducing FinOps Complexity with Automation

An irony of enterprise technology is that solutions designed to simplify business tasks and processes can result in new, often unexpected complexities. Cloud computing arose as a means to...

Dell’s Chuck Whitten on Dell Company Culture

In this interview, industry analyst Charles King speaks with Dell co-Chief Operating Officer Chuck Whitten in a wide-ranging conversation about the relationship between business and technology, Dell's company culture,...

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