eWeek Editorial Policy

Our goal at eWeek is providing the best answer to IT professionals’ questions. We adhere to a strict policy of objectivity, comprehensiveness, and trustworthiness in all the articles, videos and podcasts we publish.

eWeek partners with leading vendors to fund our work in the form of on-site advertisements and affiliate links through which we earn commissions. These relationships support our high quality research work – which we provide at no cost to readers – but they do not influence our recommendations or assessments.

To serve the community of eWeek readers, we’re committed to editorial independence and objectivity. Our ultimate goal is to be the most trusted source for today’s IT decision makers. 

A Note on AI Tools

While we are aware that generative AI applications can create text, we also know that AI is far less capable than human experts when critically evaluating today’s IT solutions. Consequently, the material on eWeek is always crafted and edited by human writers and editors.


Our policy is firm: we produce original and accurate editorial resources for our readers and do not tolerate plagiarism in any form. Any instances of plagiarism are met with disciplinary action.

eWeek’s Commitment 

Our readers trust us to cover the enterprise IT sector fairly, accurately and honestly. The eWeek audience depends on our editorial content to make crucial business purchasing decisions. Our editorial independence in producing this content is the very foundation of what makes eWeek an invaluable source for tech professionals and vendors alike. It is the constant qualitative and analytical research we do that enables eWeek to maintain its high standard of quality.